Treatment Philosophy  

I am highly committed to;

My primary commitment is to my patient(s), whether an individual, family or group. I will promote, advocate for and strive to protect the health, safety and rights of my patient(s).

Non-judgmental, genuineness of caring, is the essence of my practice, providing the foundation for a healing environment and healing interactions. 

Caring in my professional practice means:
• maintaining belief or a sustaining faith in the patient’s capacity to get through events or transitions and face a future of fulfillment
• knowing each patient or striving to understand events as they have meaning in his/her life
• enabling or facilitating the passage of my patients through life transitions and unfamiliar events
• being with or being emotionally present with my patients

Continuous improvement in care and service to my patients and families is achieved by applying critical thinking skills, my experience and expertise, and creativity. I maintain a belief vital to high quality patient care involves ongoing commitment to continuing education, supervision, research, and quality improvement processes. 

I maintain cultural awareness and recognition that a therapist-patient encounters including the interaction of three cultural systems: the culture of the therapist, the culture of the patient, and the culture of the setting. I have a spiritual focus that is inclusive of all practices.

I am ethically bound and dedicated to upholding my patients' confidentiality, safety and privacy so that psychotherapy can be the most effective.

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